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KAZU.T Tutor Profile

Hello everyone!
It is a tutor Kazu.
I like to study and have a lot of qualifications.
I studied English for two years at English school in Japan and took the upper intermediate course.

TOEIC score is 400.
I have studied abroad for a week in London's horticultural school.
 I completed Fukui Prefecture's Japanese instruction volunteer training course Ⅰ and Ⅱ. (50 hours)
Utilizing these experiences, I volunteered as an interpreter and a Japanese teacher.
I am also a master of engineering.
 I have been working as a middle school and high school tutor for six years.
I am qualified to teach all subjects from middle school and high school.

I am also qualified to teach subjects from the Japanese universities' entrance exam such as: mathematics, english, physics and chemistry.

My favorite phrase is: 

I love saying that my abilities are great !

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