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En años pasados, las inundaciones han sido temas de conversación a nivel mundial. Jap...

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Arturo.V Tutor Profile

Hi, I am a native Spanish speaker and I have university studies in Communication Sciences, it has allowed me to focus on language studies so I would like to share all my experience and knowledge with you. If you want to start Spanish from zero or if you want to improve your level up to C2, I can help you. 

My Spanish lessons are based on the DELE objectives so after completing a whole level with me you will be ready to apply for the DELE examination.

Also if you need Spanish for travelling, business, meeting people, or just for fun, I can customise the lesson for you. Don't worry about that. 

I am sure we will have a great time.

In my university career I perfected my Spanish thanks to the workshops of literary creation, writing and oral and written expression. However, there are still new rules and exceptions that I continue discovering day by day.

I am an easy going person with a lot of patience. I give a lot of importance to my classes and to my students, so I will always have a class well prepared. I do not like to improvise; however, if necessary, we can change everything planned during the session.

In the learning process, we will look at the four areas: reading comprehension, speaking, listening and writing. However, if you want me to focus more on a specific area, we can adapt the program.The Spanish class is designed to be fully conducted in Spanish. However, I can support you with some explanations in English. 

See you in class!

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