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Mimi.s Tutor Profile

Nice to meet you, my name is Mimi.
I am a Japanese teacher in Taiwan.

I offer private and group lessons in a Japanese class in Taiwan.
Children, company employees, elders, etc. I've taught Japanese to many different people.

I studied Chinese and Korean at university.
When I was a student, I studied in China, where I learned the language and did volunteer work. I realized the joy of cross-cultural exchange.
Learning a foreign language can be very hard, but I was able to enter in contact with different cultures and broaden my horizons.
It's so much fun!

Let's have fun learning Japanese together!
If you don't understand some points, please feel free to ask me!

・Japanese (Beginners)
Free talk in Japanese (25 minutes)
Free talk in Japanese (50 minutes)
Travel Japanese

Classes can be held in both Chinese and Japanese.
If you don't understand some Japanese, you can ask questions either in Chinese or English!
I can also customize the content of your lessons to fit your needs!
Please feel free to contact me for more information !

Let's have fun studying Japanese!

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