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Hello Everyone! My name is Carol and I am from Chile.

Hola a todos! Mi nombre es Carol y soy de Chile.

I am Spanish native speaker and now I am teaching Spanish in Kenya.

My Background

I majored as a publicist but I taught for 6 years in Chile supporting students how to use Moodle for their masters and post-graduate classes in a private University. I worked with hundreds students helping and guiding them how to use their website to submit tasks, answer test, read articles, participate in chat rooms, etc. They used to call me Virtual Tutor.

Then I worked 2 years in the Chilean office of a big Japanese company using Spanish and English every single day. It was very enriching because there I learned more about their culture. Unfortunately I cannot speak Japanese but I want to do it in the future, therefore I am trying to learn it by myself now.

Living abroad, my first job was teaching Spanish then I realized that I like a lot to teach my mother tongue. Now I want to find more students to help them with this idiom.

My Class!

My lessons are basically a nice conversation with the topic that you prefer. Through this way I will provide you: vocabulary, practice and the most important… the CONFIDENCE to use it, even if you are in elementary level.

In the meantime I can explain how the grammar works (gender, plural and order of the words) and teach you, step by step, how to conjugate verbs. I will be there for you all the time to correct you and answer your questions.

If your level is higher, of course I am prepared to help you to perform DELE test (A-B/1-2) with similar exercises and conversations using the 4 skills that you may need (speaking, listening, reading and writing).

It will be great to me to see that you achieve your language’ aim with my help so:

I will answer your questions, which are the most important to me, listen to you and help you.
I can check your writing
I will correct your pronunciation
I always will be available via message
We can use your material if you have one

Each class will be totally personalized depending your interests and goals.

About me

I love music and movies from Japan; I also love doramas and anime of course!

I like travel and taste new food and will be my pleasure talk you about my culture.

My favorite writer is Stephen King, because I love thrillers and horror histories, which is why I also love so much that kind of movies.

When I am not teaching, I like to spend some time in cafe shops learning Japanese.

About sports, I am really bad on it, sorry!

We can talk about many interesting topics together.

I hope to meet you soon! :)

Remember you can book a free lesson with me just to know each other better. In this lesson I will know your Spanish level and prepare the best material for you!

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