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Caylee Tutor Profile

Hello! My name is Kyungah, you can call me Caylee.
I lived in Japan for 6 years and now I'm living in the states. I'm outgoing and active.
I like to watch Japanese TV shows, anime and American TV shows.
I also love swimming and cooking.

B.A. in Law at Dongguk University
M.A. in Law at Tokyo Metropolitan University

2010.06 ~ 2014.07 Taught Korean classes at a private company in Tokyo

2014.02 ~ 2016.06 Taught Japanese to employees of Jihung Corporation
2014.03 ~ 2016.06 Taught Japanese to CEO of Hanyang Eng Corporation
2014.08 ~ 2016.06 Taught Japanese to employees of Glint Corporation
2014.12 ~ 2016.06 Taught Japanese to students at Oishi Japanese School

1. Using books (Beginners ~ Advanced)
2. Using a variety of materials such as music, TV shows, and media
3. Studying news and newspapers

About me
I started to study Japanese when I was 27 years old. It isn't easy to start studying a foreign language when you're already an adult. Even though it wasn't easy, I didn't give up. Therefore, I can help you with any concerns you may have, even if you think it's too late.I was in that situation, so I know how to keep study and overcome obstacles. I won't just be your teacher, I will support you as a friend.

Featured Interview

Q. Hi Caylee! Can you introduce yourself to the Cafetalk community? A. Hello, I’m Kim, Kyung. I went to Japan in 2008 and studied there for 6 years. I began teaching Korean in 2010, and I teach Korean and Japanese now. I understand the obstacles that students face when studying foreign languages because I once was a student studying English and Japanese. Based on my learning experience, I can tea...

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