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Published 30 Oct, 2017 | View: 1932
4歳児のレッスンでは、 すうじを数えて、読んで、そして、大きいそろばんの珠を読む練習をしています。 オフラインの授業では、絵本を読むのですが、シーンとなりスムーズに授業が進められます♪ オンラ...
Published 26 Oct, 2017 | View: 1980
オフラインのレッスンの動画です☆ 4ケタの見取り算です♪(5級) 毎日練習を頑張った成果です(^^♪

General Notices

Hello. I'm abacus teacher Chie. Since 2004 I've been living in Istanbul, Turkey.
Since about 8 years ago I've been teaching abacus to Turkish children. I teach to 3 to 5 year-olds in group lessons at kindergartens. I have about 300 students. 

Here on Cafetalk it is my aim to teach the abacus, with careful focus on the correct use of the fingers. I'd like to teach lessons that children will say are fun and easy to understand. I'm the mother of a 2 year-old girl. For teaching children the abacus, please leave it up to me.

Infant lessons                                                                          The aim is to nurture an affinity with numbers and calculation by use of the abacus. We use a textbook made for infant abacus, and study simple addition and subtraction. I can also teach lessons for children who can already read and write numbers.

Beginner and intermediate levels(for elementary school students to adult students )
We can advance with abacus practice using commercially available teaching materials, with lessons suited to your individual levels and goals. If you study the abacus, you can become able to do abacus-like mental arithmetic. If you become able to do that, you can become more adept at calculation.




I have received first place in the repeat rate ranking category.
Thank you all for repeating my lessons♡

【 Cafetalk Translation / June 2020 】 
Please note that this profile has been translated by Cafetalk for easier understanding. The tutor doesn't speak English.

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