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DITALS (Teaching Italian as a Foreign Language) 74/100
DITALS (Teaching Italian as a Foreign Language) 78/100
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Rosa Tutor Profile


I am Rosa, I am Italian and I teach Italian. I love teaching my mother tongue and get people to discover my culture.

Education and teaching experiences…

Concerning my background, at university I studied English and French and specialized in translation. During my bachelor and master’s degrees, I also focused my attention on didactics of the Italian language. From that moment on, I have always worked hard in order to be an Italian language teacher.

After university, I kept studying and got two important certificates, the DITALS CERTIFICATE (Competence in Teaching Italian as a Foreign Language) level I in 2014, and the DITALS CERTIFICATE level II in 2016.

I worked as an Italian language teacher in Italian language and culture schools in my hometown (Palermo, in Italy), and as a language assistant in middle schools, high schools and preparatory schools in France. I give private classes to foreign students who learn Italian, but also private classes to Italian students who learn English and French. I love studying foreign languages and I cultivate this passion every day. Currently, I am studying German. For these reasons, I understand the difficulties of learning a foreign language and know the tips and tricks in order to succeed.

My interests…

I like learning more about foreign cultures thanks to novels, comics, music, films, TV series, etc… I love travelling: I have visited many different countries so far in Europe and lived in Belgium, France and Switzerland. I hope I will soon get the chance to travel outside of Europe.
My hobbies are watching French, English and American Tv series and reading Italian, French, Japanese and American comics. I love Studio Ghibli’s movies. I love Italian movies! I hope we will share these interests.

My teaching style…

My main goal is to create a comfortable environment and to motivate students. I strongly believe that when students are relaxed and they are told not to be scared of making mistakes, they learn more! It is a scientific fact: the brain circuitry involved in memory and executive function do not properly work if your body has to cope with stress and anxiety.
Motivation is also fundamental in learning a foreign language. In order to motivate, I think it is important to choose interesting topics for the students, topics they will discuss in their everyday life, at school, at work. Moreover, it is important for me to introduce to what is new and captivating about Italian culture. Therefore, it is important, in my opinion, to use authentic materials that show how Italian people speak. No stereotypes, no artificiality!
I am the kind of teacher who plans their lessons based on the needs and goals of the students. I am flexible and always open to discuss in order to redefine the strategy.

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