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Published 4 Jul, 2018 | View: 515
I've used this system for about ten years and found it very helpful for difficult sounds such as "t...
Here's a practice sentence, also a nice view of my stay in Thailand.
Try saying this sentence the way I do. Good luck, everyone.
Try repeating this to say it like I say it. Good luck everyone.
Published 8 Feb, 2017 | View: 975
Learn all sports idioms for a chance to earn coupons. The  sports column quiz will be in Early...

General Notices

Do you want to improve your pronunciation?
Do you want to get better at understanding fast speech?
Do you want to communicate with English speakers?
Are you afraid you will make mistakes when you speak?

My Background
Hi, everyone. My name is Rachael. I have been teaching ESL for 8 years. I got a Degree in Linguistic and Near East/Asian Studies and then I moved across the world. I've taught University freshmen and Post-graduate students. I've also taught in pre-nursery, nursery, kindergarten, primary and secondary schools. I've worked in training centers where I taught children and adults and I've privately tutored people both in person and online. I've worked in Nanchang, Hangzhou, Jingdezhen, Seoul, Kowloon and Macau. I've also been to Ganzhou, Harbin, Nanjing, Wuhan, Zhengzhou and Zhuhai during my career.

My Qualifications
Besides my experience and degress, I have TESOL certification. 

My Methods
I try to create an environment that feels safe. I want my students to feel able to talk without fear. I keep my speaking friendly and fun.

My Specialties
I am best with pronunciation. I have made lessons specially for the following skills:

Are they saying "Math" or "mass?" "With" or "wit?" 
Is it "loyal," "Royal" or "lawyer?"
What about  "wary" and "very?" 
Did you say "look" or "Luke?"
+many other sounds my past students have improved in my class.
A simple game we play in class has helped 100% of my students, even beginners, improve their pronunciation. I can help you speak and understand better, too.

Another specialty is natural speech:

The text book says, "What are you doing?" but it sounds like, "Whadya doin?" or "wha cha doon."
They're speaking too quickly. I can't understand them.
Another game we play helps my students get better at understanding what people say, improve pronunciation and eliminate accent.

A very portent area of study is cross-cultural communication.
This is not a language skills class, but short exercises in skills you need if you want to go to another country or communicate harmoniously with people from other places.
It's much more than just "What food do they eat? What festivals to they have?"
Why are they angry? I haven't done anything.
How can I gain their trust?
Why are they so strange?
Why do they think I'm strange?
What will I need to be ready for when I go among them?
I develop empathy games that help my student prepare for crossing cultures and having positive relationships with others.

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