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Mayra Cruz Tutor Profile


Many thanks for visiting my profile.

Who am I?

Mayra Cruz, I was born in a mountainous area of Mexico. Since I was a child, I have been living in Mexico City. My eagerness and curiosity to learn about our planet more brought me to get a Master’s Degree in geography and also drove me to learn languages like French, English and Japanese. I’ve studied French for three years, English for seven years and Japanese for one. I love cooking, playing table games with my friends, travelling and now I am avidly learning origami.

What will I teach you?

Spanish.I'm a native speaker, an English-Spanish translator and a Spanish writer. I have taught actual in-person courses of several topics from elementary school to the postgraduate level in Mexico. I’ve been an online tutor for courses at the postgraduate level with students from countries like Chile and Costa Rica. I have almost three years of experience teaching Spanish online via language exchange with people from Korea, the United States and Australia.

I want to share with you that learning other languages has been my boarding pass to make friends in other countries, whom will remain my friends for the rest of my life. This has also given me the opportunity to work globally with people from countries like Spain and the United States. Because of my own brief but amazing experiences, I recommend you to be consistent and persistent in your learning process and always advance your language levels.

How will you learn in my class?

You will discover how easy and effective it is to grow your vocabulary, use grammar correctly and add new colloquial expressions to your Spanish in a smooth and joyful way. This is the way I’ve been learning English and in my experience, it works. Be sure that between us, we will be able to build a customized program for you that will allow you to see results in the short term.

You will improve your Spanish speaking, listening, pronounciation and reading skills whether you are a beginner or an advanced student.


My deepest gratitude for your interest and spending some time with me. I will be very happy to see you in class. All the best!

Mayra Cruz

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