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Jeraldine Tutor Profile

Hello, everyone!

  My Korean name is Jinyoung Song and English name is Jeraldine.

  I have double majors, which are French and Education in South Korea and studied MA in Education at Christ University in India. Now I have been living in India for 6 years, before staying here I used to teach English grammar at private institutes and worked for public schools as a Korean government employee. Specially I was a school administrator there.

  I have experiences to teach Korean for primary school students and 11th, 12th graders at an international school in India.

  I got a TESOL certificate from 'American TESOL' in USA after taking online course and currently have been joing CIDTL(Cambridge International Diploma in Teaching and Leraning) in India conducted by 'CIE(Cmabridge International Examinations)' which is an authoritative educational establishment in UK. Simultaneously, I am taking a Korean teacher training online course to obtain Korean teacher certificate qualifying for a national exam passer.

  My lesson will be conducted depending on a learner's level of Korean acquisition, that is, I will take defferentiated classes for an individual and the contents of the lesson can be adjusted by the learner's interest, preference and learning objectives.

  Korean is my mother tongue and I've learnt systematic teaching and learning methodology. Especially I am learning how to teach Korean to foreigners, henceforth, I will provide Korean to the students with my professionalism, passion and excitement. 

If anyone is interested in my class, just click it.

Thank you!

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