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Published 7 Nov, 2019 | View: 929
みなさん、こんにちは!!日本語講師の Saori.Y です。今日、Cafetalkで 900回の 授業が 終わりました!!あと、100回で、1000回達成(たっせい:achievement)です!!...
Published 14 Jul, 2019 | View: 1279
Published 27 Jun, 2019 | View: 1405
今(いま)、ベトナムから日本(にほん)に帰(かえ)ってきています。ベトナムでは、日本の本(ほん)が買(か)えませんから、帰ってきた時(とき)に日本語の 教科書(きょうかしょ)を買います。この教科...
Published 24 Jun, 2019 | View: 1479
今(いま:now)中国語(ちゅうごくご:Chinese)の勉強(べんきょう:study)をしています。とても、むずかしい(difficult)ですが、楽(たの)しんでいます!(enjoying ...

Saori.Y Tutor Profile

Hello. I'm Saori.

I have been teaching as a professional Japanese teacher since I got a certification of teaching Japanese in 2012.
I am proud of being Japanese teacher and I really enjoy teaching.

I already have some classes, but I can make your original one which goes along with your wish and level.

Please feel free to contact me and ask me anything☺

About myself


           ●     I am living in Ho Chi Minh now.

           ●     I have lived in Bangkok for 5 years before I came HCMC.

           ●     I  hold Japanese teaching certification
          (I passed JapaneseLanguage Teaching  Competency Test  2012)

           ●     I am studying Vietnamese now. (It’s so hard for me!! Especially pronunciation …)




Interests and hobbies





          ●Eating, cooking




          ●To learn about other cultures (I would like to know yours ,please tell me !!)


          ●To learn about other languages(Vietnamese, Thai, French, English, Korean…)


          ●Watching funny animal videos☺

          ●Watching Korean dramas




 My teaching style



        ●Relax and have fun


        ●Student-centered learning


        ●I would like to share tips to learn Japanese.



 I am so happy to get to know you through Cafetalk. 

I am looking forward to seeing you on my lesson 





For biginners

Japanese conversation for all levels(free talking class)

Basic Japanese

Customized lesson

Let’s be prepared for JLPT

Japanese compositions (no less than 500 characters)


For intermediate or advanced students

Japanese conversation for all levels(free talking class)

Customized lesson


Learn Japanese through lyrics

Business Japanese

Japanese compositions (no less than 500 characters)


Let’s be prepared for JLPT

Featured Interview

Q. Hi Saori! First, would you introduce yourself briefly? A. Hello! I am a Japanese tutor, Saori. I left my home country, Japan in 2011, and now I live in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Almost four years have passed since I first started teaching Japanese. As a Cafetalk tutor, I have been teaching on this platform since October 2017. I love and truly enjoy my teaching job. Q. Could you tell us about ...

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