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iwa Tutor Profile

Hello everyone!
Thank you so much for visiting my page.

I'm trying to provide "fun" and "casual" lessons as my policy.

Anyone who are worried about talking in Japanese?
Don't worry!
Let's have a conversation about anything you want as if we were friends!

■About me

I took out the official license of teaching Japanese in 2008.

In 2010, I started to work as a Japanese teacher in the language school in South Korea.
I tought any level of students from beginner to upper, and also gave lessons of EJU(writing), JLPT(kanji and listening), and the techniques of academic writing and interview for entrance exams of Japanese university.

I have been there for almost 4 years, and came back to my country in 2014.

After returning to Japan, I work in customer service.
■My hobby

I like healing music and heavy metal.
Though it is totally opposit, they always heal my mind.

Travel for Gourmet
I like eating delicious foods on my travel destination.
I like looking for local foods at the stalls and convenience stores more than visiting restaurant.
My favourite countries are South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand.

■About lesson

I can speak English and a little bit of Korean.
However, in my opinion, learning foreign language without the student's mother tongue may make progress more quickly. So I try to teach only in Japanese.
If you want me to use English or Korean, feel free to request me about it.

* My lesson schedule is irregular.
   Please check my lesson schedule. 

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  • Less than 12hours before lesson start time.→ 50% of price charged.
  • Between 12-6hours before lesson start time.→ 50% of price charged.
  • No-Show→ 100% of price charged.

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