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saorisensei Tutor Profile

I've been living in NZ for 5 years now.
Recently this happened in my life.
My daughter took Japanese class to study Japanese at her highschool.(her teacher is not Japanese)
of course there are some mistakes in Japanese class!!!
I found out what was the problem.
It was the incorrect textbook's being used and the Japanese teacher believing the textbooks. but sometimes it says the wrong things.

I don't have the experience of being a school teacher.
But I have a student who is my husband and wants to speak Japanese.
I've been teaching him Japanese for around 20 years now.
When I met him for the first time, he could speak only little bit of Japanese.
also I couldn't speak English very well either.
but now,Japanese people say "He can speak Japanese smoothly and well"

This is not only for Japanese, this is for all  2nd language learner's if you are not used to speaking, you can't progress with that language.
I have a English home tutor and have a lesson once a week.
my English is getting better and has improved greatly from speaking .

Let's speak in Japanese.
 Ask anything that is a mystery to you about Japanese language and Japan etc etc .....

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