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TOEIC 765 Points
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販売士検定合格 Grade 3
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Published 15 Jul, 2019 | View: 367
Published 23 Sep, 2017 | View: 314
こんばんは★ 今日はまず、日本語を勉強しているみなさんにお知(し)らせがあります。 明日、25日まで使えるクーポンをプレゼント中! ぜひ、これから私と一緒(いっしょ)に日本語の勉強を続(つづ)...
Published 20 Sep, 2017 | View: 368
みなさん、こんばんは★ まずは日本語を勉強している人たちにお知らせです。 9月24日まで使える特別(とくべつ)なクーポンを作りました! ぜひこれから、私と一緒(いっしょ)に勉強をしていきましょ...
Published 27 Aug, 2017 | View: 442
みなさん、こんばんは★ 突然(とつぜん)ですが、日本語を学んでいるみなさんに質問(しつもん)です。 和菓子(わがし)を食べることはできますか? もっと具体的(ぐたいてき)に言うと、「あんこ」は...
Published 25 Aug, 2017 | View: 506
こんばんは★ みなさんは、今日が何の日か知っていますか?? ヒントは、日本が誇(ほこ)る、あの食べものが生(う)まれた日です! 正解(せいかい)は…… ...

General Notices

Shiho O. Tutor Profile

Hi, there! I’m Shiho from Tokyo, Japan.

I enjoy watching movies and drinking delicious tea.
I also like to watch American TV shows, read books, eat good food, and watch sports games. Looking at beautiful designs: on product packages, in architecture, and in interior design also makes me happy.
I have a strong interest in ethical and sustainable products too.

◆ Advantage
I totally understand the difficulty of learning another language because I also have learned some languages.
②I was born in Tokyo, I can teach you standard, non-accented Japanese. 
③I can teach you Japanese patiently, carefully, and kindly.
④I know real things about working in a company that some teachers might not know because I worked at an NGO as a PR and fundraising assistant. I also worked at a call center in a telemarketing company as an operator and supervisor.
   My range of dutiesy as a supervisor in particular was wide. Through these experiences, I realized the power of language and the way speaking day by day influences communication.
⑤I have been to Thailand and Canada for a while as international student and I did some volunteer work inside and outside of Japan.(My major was international development)

◆ Message for you

Why don’t you try to improve your Japanese ability with me?
If you acquire a foreign language, your perspective on many things will expand, and you’ll see things in a more colorful light.

It's my pleasure to help you.
If you can’t find or don’t know which one you should take, please feel free to contact me before you book a lesson.
I am always on your side!! Let’s learn Japanese at your pace!!
Please relax and book a lesson worry-free♪

◆ Note

I don't use English in my lesson. Japanese is complecated language so I'm not sure my english is enough to explane that.

②Please read explanation of each lesson carefully because you have to fill out required information depending on a lesson.

③All of my classes are for adults.

④When it comes university-level essays, technical papers and something like that, I might not be able to help. Please message me first and I will see what I can do. 

Let's go on a journey to broden your horizones !!
I'm so excited to talk with you during our lesson(*'▽')!!

I can't give you lessons with detailed feedback for a while if you are a new students for me.

I'm sorry for your inconvenient.

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  • Between 3-12hours before lesson start time.→ 50% of price charged.
  • No-Show→ 100% of price charged.

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