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Currently I do not accept new students.

If you are an existing student, please note: I am sorry that I have less availability than before! Currently, I offer a fixed lesson that you can reserve at a fixed time each week, and a flex system that you can reserve where lessons are available. Please contact me if you do not find the matching time in the schedule shown. Depending on the time of day, I may be able to provide you with a slot!!!!

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Hello, I'm Mari! Learn Japanese with a professional teacher who has a teaching degree and 15+ years of teaching experience!  

I was born and raised in Japan, but I earned my Master's Degree in “Teaching Japanese as a Second Language” in the United States. I have been teaching Japanese for more than 10 years at colleges on the West Coast. The lessons I have taught include; grammar-focused classes, kanji classes, conversation, JLPT preparation, business Japanese and classes for children. 

Are you seeking more structured lessons to improve your proficiency? Most of my lessons are based on the curriculum from popular textbooks which will facilitate quicker and more effective learning.

Are you a focused professional who wants to learn how to politely communicate with people in Japan? You will learn the polite language and the mannerisms used in a business setting, as well as the cultural background behind the language and behaviors.

Do you have time-sensitive needs and want to learn as quickly as possible? You can try my Boot-Camp course, where you can learn survival Japanese for shopping, eating in a restaurant, asking and offeing help, etc, without learning the complex Japanese writing system. 


About the lessons

All of my lessons are student-oriented. In each lesson, you will have plenty of opportunities to think and talk in Japanese, and the repeated practices will help you acquire the language quicker. The lessons are mainly in Japanese, but detailed grammar explanations will be in English, and of course you can ask questions in English anytime! I custom tailor each lesson to meet your individual goals and interests, so if you are unsure of where to start or have any questions about the courses, feel free to take the counseling session.


About myself

I am a friendly and patient individual who truly loves teaching! People tell me that I always smile and make a lot of funny faces! In my free time, I like to garden, play the guitar, and watch Japanese TV shows, and I love to travel when I have a long vacation! Learning a new language can be hard, but I always create a relaxed and fun learning environment, so don’t worry! You will have a lot of fun learning Japanese! 


Featured Interview

Q. Hi Mari! Would you introduce yourself briefly to the Cafetalk community? A. Hi, everyone. I’m Mari, and I teach both English and Japanese at Cafetalk. I first started teaching English right after graduating from college in Japan. After a few years, I decided to move to the US to pursue a graduate degree. In 2004, I began teaching Japanese in the US, and in July 2016, I joined Cafetalk which ha...

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