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Hello everyone!

One of the greatest joys in my life is teaching piano.  
I mean, don’t you think it’s wonderful that music can be a universal language that speaks to people all over the world?
Music has the power to reach everyone, regardless of age, nationality, or race.
Seeing my students show signs of improvement makes me so happy and excited!

At its fastest, it makes me think, wow even 1 day can make a big difference and maybe even I can experience a miracle! 
I’ve spent countless hours having fun lessons with students not just from Germany, but also countries like Russia, Africa, France, Turkey, and Brazil.
I have helped students win competitions in Germany, and I even have a student who has performed in a concert hall in Hamburg called LAEISZHALLE. 
Not only do we move forward with standard training, but I also mix things up with trendy pop music.
No matter what genre you are interested in, I hope we can feel the music in our hearts together.
As for the material, I use German textbooks that I learned how to teach from at the pedagogy department of a music college in Hamburg and I can of course incorporate teaching material from Japan that matches your level. 
I hope that we can share time together doing things like recitals on Skype.
Additionally, if you are thinking about going to Germany and would like help figuring out how to prepare, find housing, submit documents to city hall, etc. please consult with me and I would be happy to help.

Cafetalk Translation: 6/2016

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