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Mary L Tutor Profile

Hi Everyone! Please call me Mary.

안녕하세요! 메어리라고 불러도 됩니다.

Basic Introduction:

I'm an artist and graphic designer living in Minnesota together with my husband and young daughter. I run my own design and photo retouching business, but during my free time I love to study languages, travel, and connect with people around the world!  I studied painting and illustration in school (many years ago..), as well as Korean language. 

Teaching Background

Although I live in Minnesota now, I spent a few years living in South Korea where I was an English teacher. At the same time I was teaching kindergarten, I had a lot of adult students that I taught as well.

I am a language enthusiast and love learning new languages! So I find it interesting and fun to teach languages to others. I have spent years studying Korean and so I understand the challenges of learning a new language and am uniquely qualified to teach English to Korean speakers. I understand the differences between the two languages and can explain difficult concepts in Korean. 

Teaching Style

I am easy to talk to and like to have fun! But I will also give you good value for your money and time. 

I prepare my own curriculum and share it before the lesson. I expect students to review lessons ahead of time. This ensures that our lesson time is used in the most efficient way. I don't want to waste your time.

I like to keep conversation going to give students every opportunity to practice speaking. Depending on what you want to practice I can emphasize fluency and comfort speaking, or focus on grammar, vocabulary and accuracy. 

What else?

I have used Cafetalk as a student for a while now, so I have a good idea what makes a good tutor when it comes to classes on Skype. With my background in ESL education and experience tutoring one-on-one, I understand how to use lesson time efficiently and create a good learning environment. I have my own materials and lesson plans prepared, and know how to give helpful feedback. 

Featured Interview

Q. Hi Mary! Would you kindly give a brief self-introduction to the Cafetalk community? A. Hi guys! My name’s Mary, of course, and I currently live in Lincoln, Nebraska. I’m originally from North Carolina where I lived until I graduated university. Since then I’ve moved around quite a bit. After getting married my husband and I moved to South Korea where we taught English for a few years. We had m...

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