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Published 17 Feb, 2016 | View: 2655
While I was looking for some material for my next German Lessons, I found millions of old school re...

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Hi all,

my name is Nina I just turned 30 this September and I live in Austria. Right after my last year in school I went to Italy, where I worked as an Au-Pair and studied at University in Naples and Rome. Now, I am back in Austria since 2015 and am working as professional translator and German teacher in my own company.

I have studied English from the very first year in school and developed a passion for the Italian language after listening to REAL italian music. So after graduation I went to Italy to study and experience a new culture. To earn my living there I worked as a German and English teacher on various levels, so my students ranged from 3 to 80 years and their goals were as different as their ages. From "just conversation" to "I need a score of 8 or above in my IELTS exam" I had everything covered. Of course the same goes for German, where I especially focused on the Goethe Zertifikat exams. I am proud to say that all my students passed their exams after I helped them with their preparation and I am determined to keep it like this. At the moment I am particularly focusing on intermediate and upper intermediate students, but elementary and beginners are welcome to join!

I am always open for suggestions and questions so if you would like to know something in particular don't hesitate to ask :)

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Q. Hi, Nina! please introduce yourself! A. Hallo! I am Nina, I am (almost) 27 now and I have recently moved back to Austria where I spend most of the year. After graduation from High School I moved to Italy to live as an Au-Pair in a Neapolitan family, where I looked after their three children and taught them German. I studied languages and literature in Naples and Rome, fell in love with a Sicil...

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