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I believe languages are powerful bridges to connect people of different cultures together. From my experience, knowing someone's language is almost as being next-of-kin to that person, especially if you are his/her friend. Although English might not belong to someone's culture, its a good bridge to foster communication between people, especially in this shrinking globalized world.

My goal is to help you learn and improve your English, but I will not constrict myself only to it. I can teach you my own language, Albanian (which, unfortunately, is not listed), as well. I am native speaker of both English and Albanian, with a lot of proficiency in Italian.

I was born in Tirana, Albania and most of my years have been in international schools and universities, where English was the functioning language. I have a bachelor of Law and a Masters in International Relations and Cultural Diplomacy. Additionally, I have a Cambridge AS Level Certificate for the General Paper and I have taught English privately in Albania, Germany and Romania.

I like to keep an informal approach to my lessons and I want you to see me as your friend. Be open and don't be afraid to make mistakes!

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