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久々にコラムを書かせていただきます。 模試をどのように活用すればいいのか、どう考えている生徒が多いのか、感じていたことを書かせていただきます。 秋になるとたくさんの重要な模試があり、一喜一憂...
こんにちは、nonsukeといいます。名前の由来は飼っているうさぎです。妻と本物のnonsukeの写真です。 今日はコラムとして、子供たちが重要な選択をする大学受験の状況について感じたことをお...

nonsuke Tutor Profile

Hello, I'm nonsuke. 

I have a masters degree from Osaka University Graduate School of Sciences and a high school and junior high school teacher's license with a specialization in math. 

I love teaching and have been doing so since I was a student myself. I have been working as a cram school tutor and doing other education related work for over 20 years. 
If you feel stressed out because you struggle with a certain subject, I can help you get to the point where you say “Ohhh, now I get it!!!”

My motto is, “Think, understand, and learn!”

When it comes to science classes, the fundamentals are crucial
Do you have a general understanding of the basics, but have a hard time applying them to your practice problems?
I want to help you understand how important the basic equations are, and how simple they can be once you understand them.
The impression that these revelations leave will make the content harder to forget. 
And I hope that just like many many students before you, it’ll open up a whole new world for you too. 

As for humanities classes, I would like to help my students cultivate their core learning skills.
I hope you can develop an interest in classical grammar, think of it as the history of words, and think about how people felt at the time the classical literature was written. Out of all the works of literature, why was that particular story chosen?
Take a moment to stop to think about the mood of the era. What did people hope for and dream about at the time? For many students, learning cultural history tends to turn into rote memorization. Topics like the agrarian system and economic history can be hard to process. However, once we take a deeper look, learning will suddenly become so much easier.  

Please feel free to try a class if you are interested. 
Whether you are currently a student, taking a gap year to study for college entrance exams, or a working adult, I will customize the lesson to your personal needs.
I am here to help you deepen your understanding of the subjects.

Translation: 10/2015 - The Cafetalk Team

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