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Hello everyone, I'm Yens from Germany!

In my German lesson, you can learn the very basics, pronounciation, culture and behaviour of and among German people.

I can be funny, but more than that serious. As a northern German man I'm maybe speaking loud for Japanese ears. Do not misunderstand that, it's common here :)

Lots of familytrouble and disease gave me a great lesson to understand how problems come and what we can do. And there is more than I ever expected.

So, if you want to know how we live in Germany, ask me. I will be happy to explain to you the odd culture of Germany :)

See you then
Jens :)

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Diet & Nutrition
Investment & Finance
Problem Solving
  • English Daily Conversation

    My English in germany
    English   Skype Lesson  
    60min   2,000P
  • The worry-box we do

    Speak out your worries and fears to a foreigner with a different cultural background, but with respect for you.
    Problem Solving   Skype Lesson   Flexible
    60min   3,900P
    Has Trial 15min   0P Pack of 3 1,300P per lesson
  • Bitcoin for all! Be a pioneer!

    The future of our money is coming to be real. Cryptocurrencies are coming to all of us. Science-Fiction is now!
    Investment & Finance   Skype Lesson   Other - Sources to further info and links
    45min   2,400P
  • German orientation class

    What can i expect from germany? How they are living? What do i have to know before going there?
    Good for beginners   Skype Lesson   Other - Sources of more detailed informations
    60min   2,000P
  • P r o n u n c i a t i o n :)

    Train with me to pronounce and spell your german words correctly.
    German   Skype Lesson   Flexible
    30min   1,500P
  • Talk German !

    German is coming! A lesson to practice or just learning by funny smalltalk.
    German   Skype Lesson   Flexible
    60min   2,100P
  • German - Beginners german II

    Simple daily conversation for the very beginners, but with more time for deeper talking.
    German   Skype Lesson   Flexible
    45min   1,500P
    Has Trial 30min   500P
  • German - Beginners german

    Simple daily conversation for the very beginners
    German   Skype Lesson  
    30min   1,200P
    Has Trial 15min   0P
  • Health and Living

    These medical lessons are already known in Hamburg, germany. I speak to japanese people here, and i will teach you the same stuff. From Anatomy to the functions of the Organs in your body. It will be a good lesson for everybody especially for students of
    Diet & Nutrition   Skype Lesson  
    40min   1,500P

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