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Published 2 Mar, 2017 | View: 2687
Connaissez vous cette friandise française qu’on appelle Carambar ? C’est u...

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My name is Sylvie.
I am French, professional teacher of French language, with 10 years sucessfull experience.
I am living in Germany.
I love the Japanese culture and language, and part of my family lives in Tokyo.
 I regularly travel to Japan.
I am also an amateur painter.
My professional experiences:
I have 10 years experience in teaching.
I teach in different private language schools, both in class room and at the companies taking the course. I give one-to-one or group lessons.
Since 4 years, I am also providing online courses, with great success.
I teach all levels: from beginner to intermediate and advanced.
All ages and nationalities are welcome, and one do not need to speak French (or even English :-) to start learning French with me.
Be certain that I love to teach and to share my culture !
My course schedule:
My goal is that you learn French in the best and smooth, stress-free, pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.
My courses are designed to learn you to speak French without difficulty, in the situations of every day life or in the professional field.
For the lessons, I use various books, audio texts, songs, news articles, role play …
And if you wish so, I can give homework for the next class session.
I propose different formulas of course: 
-  Courses tailored to your level
-  Understand the press and talk about it
-  French conversation
But of course, I remain open to your wishes, proposals and specific needs to adapt my teaching.
Want to learn French in a fun and efficient way? Then I will be happy to see you very soon in my French class on Skype !

Featured Interview

Q. Hi, Sylvie.Lu! please introduce yourself! A. Bonjour, I am Sylvie, a French teacher born in Fontainebleau. It is a nice mid-sized town located 70 km South-East of Paris, well known for its castle, its old surrounding forest with sandstone boulders famous to free-hand climbers. In the area, you also have painters villages such as Morêt-sur-Loing and Barbizon, or other beautiful castles like Vau...

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