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Magali Tutor Profile

Why am I dedicated to help people and pass on knowledge? Because it makes me happy! My name is Magali. As a native French with a background in one-on-one coaching and group training in communication, I have been helping people to be more confident and communicate clearly. Today, I am a private teacher/tutor and instructor. I am a lifelong learner and teaching has always been part of my life mission.

Indeed, I am good at building rapport and giving you simple tools that will help you toward your goal. Whether you are looking for everyday conversation, pronunciation, composition, French culture or getting tips to prepare yourself for a trip or an exam, I can help you. I love using my creativity and my intuition abilities to provide you with a fun and supporting environment. English is also a language available to give you explanations whenever required. 

I’ve been living in Canada since 2013 where I can share and nurture my passion for languages and foreign cultures. Besides, I fully enjoy practising arts and getting into nature as much as I can! 

In the first lesson, we’ll get to know each other, talk about what you need and get started! That will give you an idea if we are meant to work together.

Featured Interview

Q. Hi, Magali. please introduce yourself! A. Hi! I come from the western coast in France, the town Nantes exactly. This is a very dynamic and cultural city located on the Atlantic side underneath Britany. When I was 17, my sister was au pair in England and I visited her. This trip was the beginning of my passion for travelling and speaking another language. Later, I studied for one year in Belgiu...

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