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 ★Can you picture yourself playing a song on the violin 3 months from now?★

I have been playing violin for 26 years♪ I graduated from a university of music in Germany and have taught over 60 people♪

The secrets to improving-------------------------------

1. Flexible lessons that are arranged to meet your goals so that you can improve as quickly as possible.

2. Using textbooks and songs that are often used in Europe, Japan, and Korea. We will also use songs that you want to play and occasionally play as an ensemble so that practice time itself gets you excited about performing.

3. Training you to read scores so that you can deepen your understanding of music and perform independently.

4. Weaving in solfege and rhythmics in order to cultivate your sense of rhythm and pitch at the same time, in turn developing an ear and a spirit that enjoys music.

5. Getting training from a German music university grad who is highly experienced in coaching absolute beginners. Perfect for children* and people who are serious about learning from the basics.

6. Peaceful lessons that mixes in conversation


Thanks to my wonderful students, I have had the great experience of teaching children through learners in their 50’s, and received great feedback from absolute beginners and experienced players alike.

…I’m to busy to make time to practice. I can’t practice consistently. I want to keep up with my studies and other hobbies too. I can’t read music. I don’t have the confidence to learn how to play violin...

But I still want to play the violin!

If this sounds like you then these lessons will be perfect for you.
Please try out my free trial lesson!

*Since we cannot communicate directly on Skype, children’s lessons are limited to children who have at least two years of experience and can stand in front of the camera on their own during the lesson.

Tutor Profile: Kazue Ishibashi began playing the violin at the age of 3. She attended Toho Gakuen’s Music School for Children and Soai University’s school of music, then went on to graduate from Toho Gakuen College of Drama and Music. While enrolled in school, she performed as a soloist and in chamber groups at established concerts as well as graduation concerts. In 2010, she graduated from the University of Music Freiburg in Germany with superior marks. Not only did she hone her practical skills, but she also acquired many credits in music theory and Muzikermedizin (musician’s health). While enrolled in school, she performed in many concerts both within Germany and abroad. After returning to Japan, she performed as a soloist, in chamber groups, and orchestras, all while becoming very active as a violin teacher. She has now taught over 60 students. In addition to her solo performances, she has also received high praise for her ensemble and string quartet concerts. Because she sees the importance and potential in training children from a young age, she is undergoing training courses in rhythmics and utilizing that knowledge in her lessons. Due to a job relocation, she now resides in South Korea. 

-Violin Lesson in Japanese. Please contact me in English for details-

-Geigenunterricht auf Japanisch. Kontaktieren Sie mich bitte für Details auf Deutsch-

-일본어로 바이올린 레슨. 한국어로 나에게 문의해 주세요 -

Translation: 6/2015 - The Cafetalk Team 
These lessons are offered in Japanese only 

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