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▼How to improve your Japanese?
Quantity and quality of OUTPUT. Try and Error!

If you have any problem like...
・Studying by yourself but there are no Japanese speaker near you...
・You want to check your Japanese is right by native speaker...
You can use this chance to improve your Japanese*^^*

My name is Maiha.

I'm 25 years old.
I like Traveling, music(K-POP),eating,Comics and Learning languages!
(now i'm studying Indonesian and Korean)

I've taught Japanese for 3 years.
I'm a friendry person!

【My Lessons】
In our lessons, we will use Japanese and practice speaking skills.(Of course, if you're biginner, I can use simple English)
I wil make lessons for you.
I want to help you and enjoy learning Japanese.

【My Career】
I studied Japanese language Education in university.
When I was in uni, I taught Japanese at elementarly school and high school students who came from foreign countries.
And I worked in Japan, Australia and Indonesia as a Japanese teacher.

I have licenses of English teache in Junior high and high school. If you need support in English, I can help you.
I know learning other languages by myself is not easy.
So Let's study Japanese together!

I want to  help you and enjoy your study!

I like animals. I have two cats.

They became big now!

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