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Published 2 Feb, 2018 | View: 1746
Lyric Writing / Composition / Theory / Music Production
こんにちは。 音楽理論/作編曲/トランペット講師で作曲家のRemiです。 早いもので、ジャパンツアーからあっという間に1年半が過ぎてしまいましたが、この度、ツアーのために書き下ろした"道成寺&r...
Published 18 Aug, 2015 | View: 1954
Published 18 Aug, 2015 | View: 1873
今とてもお世話になっている吉祥寺のStudioLedaさんがYouTubeで配信している番組樋口舞のmusica da Ledaに出演させていただきました。私がオランダでどんなことをしているのかを中...
Published 4 Aug, 2015 | View: 1726
8/21のコンサートの告知動画ができました! ジャズのライブやコンサートって、なんだかその語感だけで 敷居が高そうというか、マニアックそうというか、、親しみが湧かないというか。。。 日頃、生演...
Published 17 Jul, 2015 | View: 2043
みなさんこんにちは! 作曲、音楽理論、トランペット、日本語の講師をしているRemiです。 オランダの大学が夏休みに入り、日本に一時帰国しました〜! 帰ってきてすぐに回転寿司に行きお寿司をお腹い...
Hello, my name is Remi Inari.
Thank you for visiting my profile!!

I am a composer, music educator and director of Jazz Orchestra from Japan, currently living in Colorado,USA.

I was born in Saitama, Japan on the 28th of September 1990. I started to play the trumpet as a member of elementary school’s marching band at the age 10. When I was a high school student, I belonged to the community big band and performed in various places, this experiences made my decide to make Jazz my major. Since then, I started learning Jazz trumpet under the guidance of Tomonao Hara. In 2013, I graduated from Senzoku College of music. During my bachelor’s studies, I started performing Jazz with my own Jazz quintet and as a part of the other bands around Tokyo.

I was interested in international musical activities and composing thorough the visiting to the United States several times. And I founded Remi Inari Jazz Orchestra to perform my compositions and arrangements in 2012.

In 2014 I moved to Rotterdam, the Netherlands where I studied composition under Paul van Brugge at Codarts University for the Arts.

I am currently living in Colorado, USA and working with different musicians and artists on various cross over art projects.

If you are interest in studying music, please feel free to contact me!!

More information and my works: www.remiinari.com

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Lyric Writing / Composition / Theory / Music Production