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こんにちは!講師のHinako.Kです。   先日、25レッスンを達成しました! そしてなんと、 講師ランキング(6月12日更新)の家庭教師の部門で、 リピートランキング&nbs...

General Notices

Hinako. K Tutor Profile

Hello! My name is Hinako.

【A little about me】 

I was born and raised in Kanagawa, Japan. Kanagawa is in the middle part of Japan next to Tokyo, it is a beautiful place with beaches, rivers, mountains and some cities.
My hobbies are n
eedle felting and watching dramas and movies.

I’ve been to Sydney 5 times, Los Angeles twice, Singapore and Canada once and so I enjoy talking to people from all over the world!

For more details, please read the following below!

【My lessons】

  • Japanese (in Japanese/English, for anyone)
  • Storytelling(in Japanese/English, for anyone)
  • Math(in Japanese, for 5,6 - 17,18 year-old students level)
  • Science(in Japanese, for 5,6 - 13,14 year-old students level)
  • English(in Japanese/English, for anyone)

 【Education and Experience】

I majored in Physics and have a bachelor's degree in Science.
I went to Australia and the US to learn English and to participate in an internship program when I was in university.

As for teaching, I have 3 years of experience tutoring Math, English, Science and Japanese.

The first three subjects, I taught in Japanese and my students were from 5,6 to 17,18 years old.

As for Japanese, I have taught friends that I met in overseas, friends that live in Japan, people that want to learn Japanese through language exchange apps.
I also helped people that moved to Japan with the official procedure and their life in a new environment.
I am studying for 日本語教育能力検定試験(にほんご きょういく のうりょく けんてい しけん),which is "Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test".

【Teaching style】

I am a friendly, open and logical person.

My lessons are available for adults and children.
Whether you are just starting or trying to improve, my aim is always to help you achieve your goal in a fun and challenging environment.

  • I listen carefully during the lessons, so that you have plenty of opportunities to speak or ask questions.
  • my lessons are usually set to less than 30mins so that you won't be tired
  • After a lesson, I try to give you a feedback with what you studied, good points about you and some advice to improve



Materials for my lessons could be anything.
We can use textbooks you have,
books, websites, lyrics, etc...

Thank you for taking the time to read my profile.
Please come and have fun with me♫
I look forward to talking with you!!

*Please send me a request at least 3 days before so that I can prepare for your lesson well enough.


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