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Published 18 May, 2015 | View: 335
El otoño ha llegado a Argentina y con él los drásticos cambios de temperatura ...

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Viri Tutor Profile

Hola! I'm from Argentina and I've been studying Japanese for the past 9 years. I'm currently living in Tokyo, working part-time as I try to improve my Japanese skills to finally achieve the N1 level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. 

I love learning and teaching languages! I've been teaching Japanese to argentinians and English and Spanish through online lessons for the past 6 years. Seeing how the students progress and are able to communicate more and more every time makes me feel accomplished and happy! 

I like making classes more fun! Talking about things you like, places you want to visit, experiences of your daily life are great ways to improve your pronunciation and language skills! Having your head stuck in a textbook all day long isn't good, you should try expressing yourself in Spanish or English too! Don't be afraid of making mistakes, it's normal and the best way to learn!

I like preparing a memo with learnt vocabulary and useful words and grammar, then send it to students after the lesson. That way you can enjoy the chat and just practice talking, without having to take too much time making notes. I'll take them for you, so don't worry!

Languages are one of my passions but I also love learning about other cultures. And that involves all aspects from it! For example, I enjoy learning recipes from other countries: Indian, Mexican, Italian, Japanese and Thai are some of the recipes I like trying out! I still have a lot to improve though... I also love learning about history from all over the world!

About 'popular culture' I like Japanese manga and anime, although I haven't had time to read or watch much lately. My favorite band from Japan is Orange Range! Do you know it? When I tell my friends they always say 「あ~懐かしい!」 It's not that old! haha

I used to practice taiko (wadaiko) with a group called 'Shinzui Daiko' for the about 3 years before moving back to my hometown and I like it a lot! (feel free to Google us for videos if you want ^^)

I can't wait to meet you and hear about what you like! Let's improve your Spanish or English together!

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