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Former elementary school teacher offering leisurely lessons!

[Lesson summary]
Preparation review lesson for elementary and junior high school" Let's find a learning style that works best for you, centered on school textbooks and classes! (Compatible with all subjects) * Let's try to make something positive out of this sudden school break! !

"Japanese conversation lesson" Let's practice conversation to enjoy everyday conversation, anime, movies, and more!

After graduating from public high school, I entered Kyoto Women's University. I enrolled in the department of Development Education and majored in Education. I belonged to a seminar on Japanese language education and research. After graduation, I worked as a primary school teacher for 5 years. (Mainly in the upper grades.) I made a lesson plan in English with ALT and felt the nuances of the Japanese language, so I am currently studying for the Japanese Language Education Proficiency Test (JEES).

I was born and raised in Japan and have been playing the horn since I was a teenager. I started learning flower arrangements as an adult. Making a bouquet is especially fun! I have loved reading since I was a kid, and when I find time, I read a wide variety of genres, from novels to comics. I also like watching anime and movies! Please tell us your recommended works! ^^

I have a laid-back personality. Feel free to ask me about anything you don't understand! Let's enjoy learning together ^_^

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