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Ayane.S.E Tutor Profile

Hello, Bonjour, Здравствуйте, 你好, Hej!
My name is Ayane, I was born in Japan and I live in Sweden. (See bio below.)
I teach English, French, Japanese languages, culture and manners.
I have studied English for 27 years and studied in the United States for a month. I've been learning French for 15 years (half my life!) my age is exposed now! LOL), I have studied in France for a year.
I get frequently asked by English and French natives : "Are you Japanese? Did you live there?".
Please contact me if you plan to get your English or French middle/high school teaching certificate, about pronunciation, grammar, conversation, reading and writing.

・About myself (It's a bit long but I would be pleased if you could take a look at it when you have time)
・Becoming a tutor
・About the lesson

[About myself]
I began learning English at age 3 and French at age 15 in high school. I studied Chinese and Russian at university and am now studying Swedish.
I would like to introduce some anecdotes of my past.

・How did I become interested in languages?
I went to the same English class all the time and made some friends, but I felt bored...
And this is how I felt through whole elementary school. I didn't have much confidence and didn't feel able to speak , so I changed my English class. We mainly learnt through games, and I remember having a lot of fun. But as I realized it, I also realized that,
I didn't feel like I learnt more than I did in the classrooms I had been attending before. This experience has inspired my desire to learn a language in the future.

In high school, I chose an English major, and there were classes for people who returned to their countries, and I could take a second language course, so it was the perfect environment for language learning. I chose to study French there, but I failed it before my first summer break when I arrived at the school. During the summer vacation, I took a remedial class organized by my teacher to overcome my problems, and in the fall, I stayed with a French exchange student for a homestay. The following year, I went abroad for the first time in my life to study at my friend's house for two weeks. It was the first time the foreign language I had learned came alive, that I was able to communicate and share a good time with others, and I wanted to talk to them. From then on, I made a German friend the next year, and a Chinese one the year after, and added one more foreign friend to my list. As much as I was happy about this, I also learned that I could grow by putting myself in a tough environment.

I'm also a bit interested in Russian, and there was a time in my high school days when I was studying it by myself. I started learning French but it was at this point that I realized that culture and language are linked. It's not an exaggeration to say that I started learning languages because I loved the French culture for its excellence in art and cuisine, and the Russian culture for its excellence in color usage and architecture. In fact, it's so much fun to understand the articles, news, recipes and tutorials on how to make cook in that language that you can even try to make them yourself!♪

・A failure and a dream coming true
I had already experienced boredom and frustration with French before, but more discouragement awaited me when I entered university. I passed the French Language Proficiency Test Level 2 in high school and was placed in a class for experienced students at the university, but when I looked around, I saw that there were veterans who had done the same amount of French as I had done in high school, who had spent more than half of their lives in France, etc. These classes were 3-hours long in the morning, with one native and 15 students, and I had a hard time understanding the questions even when I was assigned to the class. I happened to stop by the high school one day and talked to my French teacher, and he said, "you can't improve your language skills without a harsh environment". It came right to my heart. Since then, I've been able to take conversation classes, take the teaching license process, and successfully obtain my teaching license (see below).

Oh, but why did you join the French department? Because I had a dream.
When I first came to France when I was 17 years old, at the JAL counter at the Paris airport, an older woman who looked like a French ground staffer asked me in polite Japanese, "Where do you go?". At this moment I thought "I want to be just like her! I want to work here!" (I know it sounds like the "Spirited Away" synopsis !) and it's when I started to learn French. However, when I started looking for a job, I couldn't find any jobs for French speaking airlines at all. I eventually got a job at a hotel. After 3 years at the front desk and one year in human resources, I finally worked at the airport, was hired as a ground staff, and was responsible of ground handling or two French-speaking airlines. Of course, while I was at the hotel, I used English and French, and I also used Japanese at the airport.

In the end, I realized my dream of "living in France". I've done a lot of traveling in the time it took me to get here and I was obsessed with its charm. Of all the countries I've visited, the most impressive is still France. I was also aware of my lack of French while working at the airport, and this was another setback. I overcame it, actually tried to live there, and learnt from what I couldn't get through, as I always did. After this I began a live-in childcare activity (helping a 4-year-old girl and an 8-year-old boy when their parents were away. Drop-off and pick-up from school, snack, homework, play, shower, reading, etc.).

Birthplace : Japan
Residence : Sweden
Hobbies: travel, cooking, music, a cappella, piano, guitar, watching movies, illustration, creating stuff (I made a cappella scores by hand when I was in college. Recently, I made a coin purse with leather craft. A small wallet comes in handy when traveling!♪) etc.
Traveled to : Korea, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines, Thailand, U.S.A., U.K., France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, Russia
(Asia, Europe, Oceania, North America, South America and Africa. All that's left is the southern hemisphere!) + my fiance and I are going around Japan's 47 prefectures (only 19 left!)

I am also writing a blog. If you'd like to know more about life in Sweden, please check out this page.

I live in a place like this.

[Becoming a tutor]
Thus ended my life in France and now I live in Sweden with my fiance. My daily used language is now in English (American English). (We're learning each other's native language.)

As a teacher, I have taught group classes at a cram school, and before I went to France, I taught my friend the basics of French with French textbooks, helped her with her school homework, explained grammar and helped her learn pronunciation. As for English, I have experience teaching my friends the basics of pronunciation. When I was working at a hotel or airport, when I was talking to a foreign guest in English or French, I was asked, "Are you Japanese? Have you ever lived there? (I was only studying in the US for a month at the time). At the airport, I was entrusted with VIP duties and even escorted celebrities to the airport.

As for qualifications (for languages)
・Licensed as a junior high school English teacher
・Licensed as a junior high school French teacher
・High school English teacher's license
・High school French teacher's license
・TOEIC : 845 points
・Practical French Proficiency Test Level 2
・Russian Language Proficiency Test Level 4
・Chinese Language Proficiency Test Level 4

The reason why I decided to start teaching is because now that the pandemic is spreading, people are looking for things they can do at home. I hope that I can help you to spread your wings after this wave is over.

[About the lesson]
I'm sure some of you, like me, have experienced setbacks and failures. However, I still hope that you will overcome those barriers and get to the wonderful encounters and experiences that lie ahead.

In order to do that, don't be afraid to fail, but try the challenge!

People learn from their mistakes. We don't forget the things we failed to do, and we often remember them. Don't take failure as something to hate, use it as an opportunity in the process you need to grow, fail a lot, and absorb a lot!

And as my mentor also said, a language doesn't grow unless you are in a tough environment.
I want to incorporate games and entertainment, but not for the sake of it, but for the purpose of learning the language.
Practice makes perfect, let's have fun and keep going!

What I can teach you right now is :
Japanese, American English, French, Yukata dressing, origami, and manners. These are my main focus.

My target audience ranges from children to adults.
You can choose the lesson that best suits your level.

・"I want to know the level",
・"I want to have a conversation",
・"I want to strengthen my grammar and vocabulary",
・other requests
I look forward for your requests !

【 Cafetalk Translation / April 2020 】
Please note that this profile has been translated by Cafetalk for easier understanding.

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