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My name is Yasmina and I live in Hungary. I am a qualified English teacher with a BA in English Language and Literature and I have been teaching English as a foreign language for over 20 years. I have also lived and worked in Serbia, Greece, and the UK. I am a near native speaker with a British accent. My students are mainly business professionals from various international companies, but also people who would like to speak English fluently and with confidence.

My teaching style

My lessons are centered around conversations and balanced so that they are both effective and enjoyable. I create custom tailored lessons to meet each student's needs based on their proficiency level and assist them in the areas where they should improve the most, be it grammar rules, vocabulary, or speaking and pronunciation.

I am professional, very patient and understanding. Over the years, I have developed the strategies and skill set needed to effectively fill the role of a teacher.

My interests:

I like to combine teaching with my love of other cultures, world food, and travelling. I have volunteered in Vietnam where I taught English to college students and in Sri Lanka where my students included young Buddhist monks.

What I really love about my job is the cultural diversity. I am lucky enough to have lived and worked in more countries. I love being able to help my students enhance their English knowledge and feel confident that they have gained the study skills necessary to improve their overall education and career prospects.
My other interests include: Tango, Yoga, Scuba-diving, the Arts, reading.

If you would like to learn to speak fluent English, feel free to book one of my lessons and we can discuss how I can best help you.

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