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Published 5 Nov, 2019 | View: 30
1)珈琲で朝を迎え、1日4-5杯飲みます。カフェインが眠気を覚醒し、ふたたびスイッチが入ります。2)週2回汗を流します。ヨガは、身体が温まり、冷え性改善には効果があります。3)ラジオを聞きます。 N...
Published 23 Oct, 2019 | View: 76
Published 22 Oct, 2019 | View: 143
1964年東京大会は、此処が選手村だった。     2020年 東京大会  Field cast  は、    このユニホームでお手伝いするよ~~♡ 

General Notices

Hello! Thank you for visiting my profile out of the long list of tutors. 

I am a newcomer who has just earned her Japanese teaching license in May. I was born in Azumabashi, Sumida-ku, Tokyo, an area close to the Tokyo Sky Tree. It’s surrounded by old Edo Culture and the captivating Asakusa district! Have you ever heard the word “Edokko?” It means 3rd generation Tokyo born. I am also one of those precious 3rd generation Edokko’s. 

On my days off, I like to choose activities depending on my physical condition, such as going to the gym, going for walks in the park, or relaxing at home while listening to the radio. 

Take this chance to start learning Japanese and please tell me all about your country. 

What makes my lessons special is that you can learn everyday conversation through lessons centered around Japanese culture and grammar. It is mostly the fundamentals, so please get a firm grasp on the basic level Japanese first. Please bring a Japanese dictionary to class. 

Graduated from the Kameda Institute of Nursing and Advanced Practice

Licenses: Nursing, Kimono Dressing Instructor, Food Sanitation Manager

Publications: Essay “Shiroi Ito no Densetsu” (The Legend of the White Thread) 2011/06/01, Novel “Yukaku Yoshihara Hitori Tabi” (Traveling Alone in the Yoshihara Red Light District)  2013/04/01 in publication. 

【 Cafetalk Translation / March 2015 】

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