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Kazumi Tutor Profile

Hello. I am a professional life coach and meditation instructor and I live in Dallas, Texas with my American husband.

It's been about 8 years since I immigrated overseas. Up until now, I have been to 12 different countries for travel, study abroad, and work. My experience with English (excluding school education) has been through real life practice while working and living abroad for about 18 years.

To be honest though, I’m the type that tends to give up on things easily. My colleagues and friends are usually surprised when I say that. So how did someone like me learn English? I used my fickle temperament to my advantage! There’s grammar, listening, the Callan method, diction, shadowing, reading, speaking, etc. Once I got sick of one thing, I just moved onto another.

What helped me most of all was real life application. Living, working, falling in love, and getting married abroad were what lit the fire under me and got me to learn almost everything that I know. I felt so frustrated when the wrong documents came from the bank and I struggled to read it while desperately looking up everything in the dictionary, or when I had the hardest time giving a presentation, or when I fought with and lost to my husband who is good with his words. Those experiences motivated me to keep on learning English.

What do you want to use your English for? Do you want to work for a foreign company? Or live abroad? Or marry someone from another country?

No matter what your goals are, I hope I can help you reach them. To make sure you don’t confuse your ends with your means, not only must you choose what is important to you, but it is also crucial to know why.

《Session Style》
During my sessions, I will urge you to make profound realizations, helping you take a closer look at what is really going on inside while helping you take action after getting to know your external environment. By balancing the skills of looking internally and coping with external factors, you will become stronger and independent of those external factors while nurturing a certain flexibility. Picking up these skills will be very beneficial for your life and soon you will be able to do things that you’ve never been able to do before. Listed below are some examples of my sessions.

Finding A Job Overseas, Career Development
Recognizing exactly why you want to choose a certain career or company is very important. Not only will I guide you through the interview process, writing a resume, and other skills, but I will also help you understand why you want to pursue a certain path and help you figure out whether or not it’s the best path for you. Let’s find a career that guides you towards self actualization.

Relationships (General/Romantic)
Whether at home or at work, your relationships with people are very important. However, you may not be aware of it, but you could be sending subconscious signals. I can help you recognize patterns in your actions and speech and soon you will be fostering the relationships that you desire. Create relationships with people that make you and everyone around you happy.

《Work Experience》
I have experience in hotel projects both domestically and internationally, and as project manager of an IT corporation. I have the ability to accomplish complicated tasks right on target and I am confident in my ability to identify and develops my members’ strong points. I also have experience working at a recruitment agency overseas, so I can give practical guidance on interviews and resumes.

Hiroshima University, Philosophy Department, Ethics Major

Life Coach, ICF Authorized

Horse riding, art (dying, spinning), swimming, yoga

English Translation: 1/20/2014 - The Cafetalk Team

Featured Interview

こんにちは。プロのライフコーチ&メディテーションインストラクターのKazumiです。アメリカ人の主人とテキサス州ダラスに住んでいます。 ライフコーチングって何? あなたが思い描く人生を送るお手伝いをするのがライフコーチ、私の役割です。家族との関係を良くしたり、理想の結婚相手を探したり、自分の本当にやりたいことを見つけるお手伝いをしています。客観的に自分のことを見つめるのは中々難しいですよね?スポーツ選手にコーチがいるのと同じで、外からあなたを客観的に見て、気づきや行動を促し、人生が良い方向に変わっていくようにサポートします。また、抽象論にならないように、プロジェクトマネージャーの経験を活かし、具体的なアドバイスも交えるようにしています。 メディテーションって何? メディテーションとは簡単にいうなら心のお掃除のようなものです。私達は毎日歯を磨いたり、体を洗ったり、部屋を掃除したりしますが、...

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