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Hi there!! :-D
I am a friendly and supportive English, and Afrikaans, teacher, who love to meet new people. I`d love to have relaxed conversations with you, while we practice English, or Afrikaans. I am here to give you value for your money, and enjoyable language learning sessions, hopefully while having coffee! (I love coffee by the way!)
I believe that we all learn from each other, in one wayor the other, and for as much as I will share all my language and business knowledge with you, I know I will also learn from you. If you have a good sence of humor, we will get along like a house on fire! And if you don`t, that is fine too :-)
I am a native English speaker from South Africa with a British/American accent. I have a bachelor’s degree in law, as well as a TEFL/TESOL 120 hours teaching certificate. (I practiced as a lawyer for 21 years, until I decided to live my passion for teaching and radio presenting.)
I have been teaching groups and individuals, face to face, for the past 11 years, and I have been teaching online for almost almost three years. I teach students of all levels, and any nationality. My teaching style is task based, and I apply, amongst others, the PPP-method to teach. My passion is teaching business English, as I have19 years of experience in law practice and in business.
I teach business English to managerial employees and business owners in the following corporate industries (this is not a complete list):
HR, IT, aviation, hospitality, banking and finance, security, mining, steel and construction, engineering, entertainment, law, medical, real estate, transport and various other industries. I also assist my students to be able to have professional telephone conversations, write emails in a professional business-like manner, to set up agendas, do presentations, chair meetings, etc.
I will assist to you to prepare for  job interviews, as well as with preparation for the IELTS examination.
Also, the past, almost,  3 years, I've been tutoring ESL University students, online, assisting them with examination preparations, assignments, speeches and IELTS preparations. If you are a student, I will help you with all of these too.
I am so looking forward to meeting you online for a cup of coffee, laughs and learning!
Yolandi <3

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