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General Notices

HI! My name is Satoyo. I currently live in London, UK.
I was born and raised in Osaka, Japan, which makes me proud to call myself a Kansai-jin.

I am an active belly dancer, and also a yoga and Pilates instructor.

☆My Lessons☆
 Belly Dance
 Rusie Dutton(Thai style yoga)

Would you like to practice dancing?
Or, you may want to improve your exercise level,
need to improve body flexibility,
want to relieve stress,
or looking for starting something new!

You do not need to prepare any legitimate reasonings for trying something new.
Strike while the iron is hot! Every day is a good day to start something new!

Making a decision is the very first step for anything. Every professional started as a beginner.

Why not take your first step and give it a try? :)

☆ Qualifications☆
  Certified Instructor of Japan Rusie Dutton Association
  Certified Instructor of BESJ Mat Pilates
  Certified Instructor of M&P care apure ALT Yoga

☆Personal History & Career

I was a child who loved physical expression (dancing and acting).
I spent my teenage as a member of a theatre company. I stood on the various stages including musicals and plays.

As suffered from a throat problem in my late twenties, I had to give up my career as an actress.
Although I left theatre, I was lucky met with Belly Dance, and returned to the stages as a dancer.

Since 2010, I started my career as a dance instructor in Kansai area.

After I started my career as a dance teacher, I felt my great need to learn more about the body as an important foundation for the dancing.
This was why I got my certifications in Pilates and Yoga.

I also have strong connections with dancers all over the world, which makes me able to perform outside of Japan quite frequently.

In 2016, In collaboration with instructors overseas, I organized the Japan’s first belly dance musical, “Ask-LOVE,” which was a great success!
I currently work as a general producer utilizing my background in a stage actor.

I also performed at the Ask-Love in Manchester, England.

In 2018. I held my belly dance and yoga workshops in Madrid Spain.

Now, I am based in London, being an active belly dancer and an instructor.

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