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Hello! My name is Thanos! 

And so it begins...
I was born and raised in the city called Thessaloniki located in the north part of Greece. I have been studying English from a young age and after some years I found myself interested in Japanese culture. After studying Japanese for almost 2 years, I traveled to Japan for the first time in the summer of 2018 for 2 months of volunteer work. It was there where I discovered that I had a passion for teaching English! Since then I have been teaching English online and I have been polishing my English teaching skills by attending TEFL(Teaching of English as a Foreign Language) courses. I have successfully acquired my TEFL certificate and my TEYL (Teaching of English to Young Learners) certificate. Currently, I am studying to get my TEFL certification in business English with the final goal of being able to become an English teacher in Japan! 

Lessons with me!
Having a lesson with me will be fun and relaxing! I am very patient and kind and my teaching style can be adjusted for every age and every level. Besides grammar and vocabulary, I am always up for conversations on any topic, since I love meeting new people and sharing cultures, opinions and ideas! In case you want to try something different or you want to spice up your language repertoire you can choose to learn Greek! No matter what you will choose I will do my best to deliver the best lesson for you!

Photo stories!

Samurai for a day!

This photo was taken in Tokyo, Japan! My host was amused by my yukata and he was kind enough to give me a wooden sword to complete my Samurai outfit! 

2) Strawhat crew!

This photo was taken in Bankok, Thailand! Being a One Piece and anime fan in general, I was excited to discover a square in the middle of the city dedicated to One Piece.

3)A really big cat!

This photo was also taken in Thailand! Being this close to a huge tiger that could eat me whole was really scary! Nevertheless, I kept on smiling and petting it! 

Thank you very much for the time invested in reading my profile! I look forward to meeting you!

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