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Minna san hajimashite! ¡Hola a todos! Hello there!

Thank you for visiting my profile.

About me

I´m a 36 year-old Mexican language teacher :). My name is Alba Santiago. I´ve been teaching Spanish and English since 2010 to adults and teenagers. I finished a specialization in teaching Spanish as a foreign language in 2017 from Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. I enjoy studying languages like Japanese (chotto nihongo hanasemasu), French, ASL (American Sign Language) and Braille, some formally and some just as a hobbie. 

At Cafetalk I´ll be teaching Spanish and English as a foreign language. I´m a native speaker of Spanish and very fluent in English. I have a good undestanding of the most common difficulties when learning Spanish or English for non-native speakers. 

About my teaching style

My classes are based on the comunicative approach. The grammar and vocabulary are taught through topics of daily life (at home, at work, at the superstore...) and comunication needs (introducing oneself, making an invitation, apologizing, expressing plans, etc.). The four comunicative skills are practice on every lesson: listening, reading, talking and writing. I will be happy to addapt my classes to your specific needs. I use mostly authentic material, for example, podcast, magazine articles, movies, books, real objects, etc. However, sometimes I create my own materials or use material that can be download from Internet. Pronunciation is also part of every class. My specialization research was on the topic of teaching pronunciation so I would like to use a variety of techniques with my students and be a little experimental about this. 

I offer courses for all levels of Spanish and English as a foreign language. I like to have a friendly yet professional class enviroment. Mistakes are welcome as part of the learning process. Don't be hard on yourself when you make a mistake :). 

I'll make my best to deliver a very well planned class so we can take the most advantage of every session. Please, take a few minutes to check out my courses at Cafetalk.

Below you can see a few pictures from my classes.  

See you at class! :-)

This is me on Halloween 2016 as Frodo Baggins. Teaching English in Mexico.

Students role playing a scene in a restaurant. The goal was to practice ordering food. 2016.

My young Spanish students on the Day of the Death 2018. Cultural topics are also an important part of learning a foreign language.

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