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Hello! Konnichiwa! My name is Megan and I'm a British, Zoology graduate now living in Dusseldorf Germany and I'd love to help you with your English! I'm currently working on my own German language skills, so I know what you're going through and (importantly) what it takes to really improve your language ability.

Naturally, as a Zoology graduate, I'm an animal nut and have grown up with dogs my entire life, and am hoping to adopt another pup here in Germany soon! Do you have pets, or a love of dogs too?! I was lucky enough to study in Hong Kong for my third year, where I was able to meet amazing people from around the world and really begin to develop my love of travel - starting with Asia!

During my travels, I soon realised how much I enjoy getting to know people from different cultural backgrounds and especially loved my two months in Japan, where I swiftly fell in love with the Matsuya Foods and Izakayas of Tokyo (because cold tofu is delicious) and the gorgeous sceneries of Shodoshima (above) and Kyoto (below)!

With travel in my mind, as soon as I graduated, I moved here to Germany to work and improve my own German skills!

At the moment I'm working hard on improving my own German language skills and what helps me the most is relaxed conversations with native speakers on day-to-day topics, without the pressure of a classroom! This is one of the ways I'm helping my partner learn German (and also improving mine!).

This is why I'd like to offer casual conversational lessons, as well as more structured lessons i.e. reading/ descriptive English. For those students looking for more structure, I'd suggest you choose the lesson which best matches your ability and we have an initial course counselling session beforehand, so we can really tailor the lesson's learning outcomes to match your own specific aims. My BSc (completed this year) was in Zoology, so for those who would like to improve their knowledge of English biological terminology, we can plan specific lessons covering topics such as physiology, ecology and behaviour.

For those who want casual conversations, we can sit back, have a cup of tea and discuss whatever topics you'd like. I'll still correct your grammar, pronunciation and help with diversifying your vocabulary, and leave a detailed commentary of the lesson afterwards on skype if you desire. This way you're learning and improving, without the anxiety of performing in a classroom!

My main goals are for you to build your confidence and, consequently, watch as your skills improve too! So, feel free to request a counselling or conversation lesson with me and we can work on your English together in a relaxed environment, as structured as you need it to be!

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Le sue lezioni

  • Counselling Session

    Let's see which classes can help you the best!
    Inglese   Skype lezioni   Da concordare
    15min   500P
  • Speaking Test Prep

    Improve your spontaneous English! Great for those preparing for speaking examinations such as IELTS/ TOEFL
    Inglese   Skype lezioni   Da concordare
    20min   900P
    Lezioni di prova 10min   300P
  • Conversational English (Shorter)

    Let's have a casual chat about day-to-day topics!
    Inglese   Skype lezioni   Da concordare
    25min   1,000P
  • Conversational English (Longer)

    Let's have a chat about day-to-day topics!
    Inglese   Skype lezioni   Da concordare
    55min   1,800P
  • Reading

    Let's practise your reading skills - focus on vocabulary and pronunciation!
    Inglese   Skype lezioni   Da concordare
    50min   1,900P
    Lezioni di prova 15min   500P
  • Book Club - English Novel

    Let's have tea, choose a book and read together!
    Inglese   Skype lezioni   Da concordare
    35min   5,000P
    Lezioni di prova 15min   0P Pack of 4 1,250P per lesson
  • News Snips

    Let's have a quick spontaneous chat about what's going on in the news right now!
    Inglese   Skype lezioni   Da concordare
    20min   900P
  • Descriptive English

    Fancy using photos to work on your adjectives?
    Inglese   Skype lezioni   Da concordare
    55min   1,900P
    Lezioni di prova 15min   500P
  • English (Biological Sciences)

    Want to practise talking about biological sciences in English?
    Inglese   Skype lezioni   Da concordare
    55min   8,000P
    Lezioni di prova 20min   500P Pack of 4 2,000P per lesson

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