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♪ こんにちは、エビーです!^-^ Hello, my name is Ebby! Born and raised in Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina.

●Nationality: Bosnian
●Age: 25
My major: Environmental engineer 
Work in Bosnia: Hostel receptionist, English tutor
Plan for the future: Find a job in Japan
●Hobbies: Traveling, cooking, watching Netflix, hiking

LOVE learning foreign languages. When I was just 5 years old, I discovered my interest in English. Because I was so passionate about it, learning English wasn't a chore for me. Bosnian education system puts a lot of importance into learning languages, that's why, during primary and high school period , I was also taking German, Latin and French classes. 
One of my favorite languages is Japanese language. I have been learning it for 5 years already and I have recently passed JLPT N3 level. 
I graduated from University of Sarajevo.
My field of study was Ecology because even though I love linguistics, I also put a lot of importance in nature and keeping our environment healthy.

You could be wondering, why am I teaching English if that is not my major? Well, once I turned 18 , I started tutoring English both online and offline. Meeting other people and helping them improve themselves through language and other skills, was and still is my great joy! I want to help students of all ages learn and improve upon their English abilities.

About my classes: 
.My methods are easy and I like to let my students describe to me where their weakness in English language is, and I make sure I support them to the maximum. I can help  with conversational practice, as well as grammar, and exam preparation. My major goal is to boost your confidence so that you will communicate better in every situation, that's why I want to encourage my students to speak a lot and express themselves freely. 
I teach students of all levels , from beginner to advanced.

If we work together, I'm sure I can help you reach your English goals!

 Come, let's study together! よろしくおねがいします!

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