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General Notices

"Nihon-go" taught by a professional announcer
Hello everyone, I'm Choko.
The main themes for my lessons are...

"learning to speak Japanese like a native speaker" and
"improving your Japanese language skills"!
I provide lessons for all types of learners. Whether you’re Japanese or you’re from abroad, or even if you want to teach your children living abroad, I can help!
I would love to share various things that I’ve learned throughout my 30 years of working as an announcer and narrator.
I want to help you feel more confident as well as helping you enjoy your daily life.
Learning pronunciation is a crucial step in learning to speak Japanese like a native speaker. You would also need to practice your listening skills.
Please let me help you learn Japanese!

 About myself

I've been working as an announcer for 35 years now. I've also been involved in theatre education for about 20 years.
I have experience in teaching vocal and pronunciation lessons in announcement and drama schools. I’ve also taught how to speak with confidence and how to communicate effectively in law school.
I’ve been teaching Japanese to non-native speakers to sound like a native speaker of Japanese. My students include a professional “Go” player from Taiwan, Chinese and Korean people who reside in Japan, people from the Middle East, and children with parents who are non-native speaker of Japanese.
I am from Miyagi prefecture, and I currently reside in Tokyo.
My hobbies are playing “Go”, photography, and to learn Korean.
I also have three audio books on Amazon for sale; “それまでの明日”, “そして夜は蘇る”, and “私が殺した少女”.
 About my Lessons
My selling point for my lesson is "responsiveness (対応力)".
How do you want to use Japanese? What type of situations will you be using Japanese in your life?
I can help you improve your Japanese pronunciation and speech skills according to your needs.
Do you want to effectively communicate with your Japanese subordinates? Are there any issues that you have concerning Japanese?
Please tell me what Japanese language skills you would like to learn!
・If you love to watch Anime, we could learn through Manga.
・If you’re interested in Japanese culture, we could also learn that in our lessons.
・We could use Japanese newspapers and news shows to learn.
・If you love J-pop, we could learn Japanese through lyrics.
・We could learn to read Japanese through children’s books.
・I can also teach children who currently live overseas.
I’ll help you make Japanese more familiar and comfortable for you.
I look forward to seeing you I my lessons! If you’re interested, you could always start with a trial lesson!

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