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Hello! My name is Olivier (オリビエ). I live in Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic, which is near to Miami, it’s very hot here every single day! I have a bachelor's degree in Accounting from the Atlantic International University, and I’ve been teaching English professionally for over 3 years.

Teaching English Online to Japanese:

I have been teaching English, French and Spanish online to Japanese over 4 months already and it has been a great experience! The cultural exchange has been gratifying and the students are so nice and polite that I have already started saving to do my first trip to Japan. I love this country and I have not been there yet!

Teaching English, French and Spanish in DR:

At a local language academy, called Academia Europea I taught French, Spanish and English to group classes for 6 months. 

I also worked as a home tutor for over 3 years. My job was to help young kids to improve their English, French and Spanish proficiency, vocabulary and pronunciation.

Volunteer work and other fields:

From 2011, I have been working as a volunteer in an international campaign as a bible teacher.
From 2017 I have been working part time as a soccer teacher for kids from 6-18 years old. This experience has been amazing and I had the chance to see the growth of my students! It can be challenging some times but the reward is worth it. 

My interests and hobbies:

I really enjoy watching sports, specially basketball (NBA), soccer (Real Madrid) and NFL (any team). But not only I love to watch sports but I love to practice it too, specially basketball and soccer.

I also love to watch movies and series, specially if it is superheroes or crime/drama.

My Cafetalk lessons:

  • I love teaching! My lessons are enthusiastic, fun and professional. My aim is to help you achieve your English, French or Spanish goals in a fun, encouraging, and challenging environment. I’m excited when my students show improvements!
  • I listen carefully during lessons, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to speak.
  • My lesson materials focus on beginners and intermediate students that are listening the language for the first time or are recently starting to practice it. These materials are specialized to teach you everything about these languages. 
  • During lessons, I will correct you smoothly, kindly but firmly. I really want you to succeed and become what you want to be!
I’m looking forward to talking with you!

Thank you for taking the time to read my profile, and best wishes in your English studies! I hope to see you soon.

Thank you,

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