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Greetings, my name is Stefan Sojic and i am from Serbia.

Since my earliest childhood i was always interested in languages, English in particular, which i learnt when i was 7 years old. I am trilingual and the languages i can speak are as follows: Serbian, English and Russian. Furthermore, i have a bachelor's degree with honors in Russian language and literature with English as a second language acquired at the University of Belgrade Faculty of Philology Department of Slavic Languages and Cultures. During my main studies i also attended and successfully graduated from a Belgrade school of acting and speech ''Dadov.''

Upon graduating i began working post-haste and have thus far acquired four years of experience in teaching. I worked predominantly with Japanese and European people and have gotten to like Japanese culture quite a bit. My pedagogical method is extensively flexible as i employ both spontaneity and levity, as well as structure and formality based upon the student's level, proclivities and interests. To further expound on that, lessons can vary from grammar or pronunciation to free conversation or daily news, meaning whichever direction you want to explore we will explore.

And lastly, experience has taught me that being skillful as a teacher is vitally important, however in pedagogical professions such as teaching it is equally important that students are attended to and cared for. Therefore, the most modest and truthful thing i can say about myself is: i am an experienced teacher who cares for his students. Do not worry about potential mistakes and failures as we will go through them together, boldly.

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