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Hi there, my name is Dominic. I have been living in Japan for the past 19 years, originally I'm from Vancouver, Canada. I first came to Japan to learn martial arts but soon enjoyed teaching English. I have a Diploma in Business Administration and the main focus of my education was leadership abilities and behaviour. I also have TESOL and TEFL traing from my many years of teaching.

What I can do for you!
I'm offering two types of training:
English training is going beyond just grammar and vocabulary. I don't want to teach a set of phrases just to speak about certain topics. I want to help you gain confidence to speak in a wide variety of situations. As I help you to improve your fluency you will then improve your confidence, your reaction time to comments and questions, and speaking clearly so that people will want to talk to you.

Leadership coaching. This is a self-journey into how you can enrich your life, whether personally or professionally. Leadership coaching involves you making a self-assessment to see what kind of thinker and learner you are. From there, we can look into abilities to help you strengthen your strong points but, more importantly, to help you improve your weak points (or vulnerabilities). We will go over what are leadership behavours and how they affect those who live and work around you.

Why take my courses?
I'm very easy and outgoing, so just call me Dominic. I like to help people because as I do I grow with you. I have been on this journey myself over the past few years and feel much more confident in my daily abilities and following my goals with a strategy.

I've had several years of experience helping both executives and regular employees reach the best of their potentials by helping them change their behaviours to good habits in many facets of their lives. A good work-life balance is essential. But, not everone has the same balance and we need to find the right one for you.

Let me help you enrich your life so that life doesn't bring you down.

I look forward to talking with you.

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