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Hello. I'm Yuko.

I became interested in Chinese when I was a student and began studying it on my own. In order to develop my language skills even further, I decided to study abroad in Taiwan for 1 year. I began teaching Japanese to Taiwanese people while I was studying abroad and continued even after I graduated. I currently teach elementary schoolers through people in their 50's in Taiwan.

Everyone has their different reasons for studying Japanese. Some travel to Japan a lot, some use it for work, some like Japanese dramas, and some are just interested in Japanese.

No matter what the reason, studying a foreign language really broadens your perspective and possibilities. I have experienced that firsthand, so I hope to help as many people learn Japanese as possible, especially if Chinese is their mother tongue.

・Characteristics of my lessons

① I can give lessons in Chinese, so people who have never studied Japanese before don't have to worry.

② I arrange the class according to what and how the student wants to study. If you'd like to be stronger in grammar or pronunciation or there's something specific you'd like to practice (like speaking or words that are used in daily conversation), please let me know! If you have a textbook that you'd like to use, I can also teach according to that

Let's have fun Japanese lessons together!

English Translation: 10/8/2014 - The Cafetalk Team 

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