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Published 6 Sep, 2019 | View: 136
Yoga & Meditation
Greetings friends!My name is Lewis, I am a Personal Trainer from London England, now living in Yama...

Lewis B Tutor Profile

Greetings, friends!

My name is Lewis, I am an English teacher and Personal Trainer from London England, now living in Yamanashi Japan!
I am a Martial Artist and a student as well as a teacher, as I am always trying to learn and develop my own skills and understanding.
I have been teaching English in Tokyo since last year, but I have been teaching both groups and private lessons as a Personal Trainer since 2013.
As I travel a lot for my own studies I have had to leave a lot of the students I've been working with over the years, which has always been very difficult and disappointing! But now that I am teaching online, it is the perfect opportunity to share a lot of the lessons that I teach from anywhere around the world.

Our Cafetalk lessons
I have a lot of experience teaching students from their late teens all the way up into retirement, from casual conversation to business English. One of my favourite textbooks to work with is Communicating in Business English by Bob Dignen, which can be bought on Amazon for ¥3,000.
With almost all of my students I set weekly homework to write about what they have been doing since the last time we spoke (although you can write about any topic you like!), at the beginning of our next lesson you then read that aloud to me, this gives you the opportunity to practice both your writing and speaking, before we then have a look at what you have written and talk about grammar and sentence structure. If you have any material you have to prepare for work or school, we can also look at that together too!
As a Personal Trainer we also have a unique opportunity to discuss your training and exercise, as well as nutrition and lifestyle habits.
One of the main practices I have been sharing with my students online is zazen meditation, which is absolutely perfect to share over Skype!
Meditation has had a huge resurgance in interest recently, and many people have begun taking guided lessons and learning how to practice in their own time. It is very easy to begin meditating, but there is also a great depth of experience to learn which will take a long time and a lot of practice, but together we can begin now and enjoy the benefits immediately!
Where to begin?
Please take a look at some of the lessons provided below.
Everyone is different and all of our lessons are private and unique, so I like to stay as flexible as possible and meet the individual requirements of each and every person I work with. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions at all, I would love to hear from you and have a look at what we can do to start working together soon.
Feel free to book a trial or introductory lesson, it doesn't have to be anything formal, if you would like we can just have a relaxed chat and see how we would like to continue from there!
I hope to hear from you soon.
Best wishes to everyone,
Lewis B

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