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Published 15 Jun, 2020 | View: 70
  ¡Hola a todos!    En la foto de arriba se puede apreciar el canal de Jap&...
Published 16 May, 2020 | View: 154
こんにちは, お元気ですか? El martes he visto que había un concurso de dibujo, llamó mucho ...
Published 9 Apr, 2020 | View: 251
¡Hola hola!El tema de esta semana es: ¿Qué actividades extracurriculares hicist...
Published 5 Apr, 2020 | View: 185
La ruta del sabor es un programa de televisión mexicano muy famoso donde el protagonista, Mi...
Published 10 Mar, 2020 | View: 293
Hoy quiero compartir una de muchas canciones que me gustan de WaT. WaT fue una de mis motivaci...

Jazive Tutor Profile


Hello, nice to meet you!

My name is Jazive, I am Mexican and a dancer.

I like rain, food, walking, painting, dancing, listening to music and knowing about new cultures ^^

I love to talk and publicize the culture and traditions of Mexico.

It is a pleasure for me to be able to help people learn new things and improve every day.

Feel calm during my classes, we will enjoy a good time talking a lot.

We can talk about the topic you want, it will make me very happy to help you improve your pronunciation and expand your knowledge of the Spanish language, which is a wonderful language.

I will be very happy to meet you! ^^

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