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Hello my dear friends, here is Kary. I am a Chinese living in Saint Petersburg. As a tutor, I teach Cantonese and Mandarin for a year. 
From zero level to daily conversation, or even business communication.
I have experience work with children, an online lesson for children better start from 12 years old, know some basic English, that even helps her/his English because we will use English for study)) Materials including self-study program at home(in the program we have games for study by heart, dialogues, new words learning and so on) videos, pictures, study books, and workbooks. 

Recommend 2 times a week, each time from 45-60min, that it's negotiable, depends on children's concentration, otherwise, more time is more pain.
For an adult, generally, that will follow your study gold. We have HSK study books, workbooks, music, videos, pictures, articles daily topic or whatever you want to work on.
Recommend 3 times a week, each lesson with 60mins, especially you learn it for work, or planning go to China.
Recommend 2 times a week, each lesson with 60mins,  if just for your interest or self-value added.

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