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Jelly M Tutor Profile

Hello! My name is Jelly. I was born and raised in the Philippines, but I am now living in Australia. I completed Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy from my home country. Currently, I am on my final year at the University of Tasmania, finishing my Master of Pharmaceutical Science degree.

Moving to Australia was the most exciting and nerve-racking decision I ever made. I used to work in a multinational pharmaceutical company where we manufacture dialysis drugs. I left everything behind to study and move down under. I am currently based in Tasmania which is known as the holiday state of Australia. I love how peaceful it is, but sometimes I miss warmer days. It's always cold in Tassie, even during summer season. Autumn is my favorite because the weather is just perfect. The colors of this season also reminds us how beautiful it is to embrace change :) My friends and I love the outdoors and long drives every weekend. 

About my Lessons

My teaching style is very flexible. I customise the lessons based on the student's preferences and needs. I have taught a diverse group of students from beginners, intermediate, and advance learners. I am currently completing my master's degree in Australia so I know how valuable it is to learn how to speak English, especially if you want to study and work abroad. I believe that the key in learning this language effectively is to use it often and be not afraid to commit mistakes. Practice makes perfect, so I encourage all my students to be comfortable in each lesson. I always make sure that it will be fun and productive.

I get to know my student very well so that I would be able to gauge what needs to be taught and improved. I value your opinions so I always make sure that you are also comfortable with the way we are conducting our classes. I am very patient, so you don't need to worry about making mistakes. As I've said, the key here is practice, so I will allow you to speak 80% of the time. I will help you improve your grammar, pronounciation, and build your confidence when speaking English. I will try my best to be more like a friend to you so you would be more comfortable speaking and expressing your ideas. Moreover, I will make sure to provide you with constructive feedbacks to ensure that you will have a productive learning experience.

I also teach science subjects including biology, chemistry, and pharmacy. I am very familiar with these topics since I am a pharmacist. If you are interested in learning Tagalog/Filipino, I am also keen to teach you this language :)

I treat students with respect and values their time so I make sure that each lesson is fruitful. If you are a beginner, don't worry. I will guide you through the whole lesson. Looking forward to meet you :)

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