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Published 13 Nov, 2019 | View: 38
こんにちは!カフェトークの日本語講師、Kaikoです。 「予約したいのにいつも埋まっている」「予約が取りにくい」という意見をうけたので レッスン時間を改定しました。 みなさんにもっと予約をとっ...
10/29のみ使用できる割引クーポンを発行しました!! この機会に、ぜひ私のトライアルを受けてみませんか? リクエストお待ちしています(^-^)
みなさんこんにちは! 日本語講師のKaikoです。 私は、コーヒーがないと始まりません。 シャキっとしない・・・というか、目が覚めないというか・・・ お酒も好きですが、「お酒とコーヒー、やめて...
Published 3 Oct, 2019 | View: 109
こんにちは、日本語講師のKaikoです。 先日、着付け教室のイベントで、舞浜にあるヒルトン東京ベイの デザートビュッフェに行ってきました! デザートビュッフェなんて久しぶりなので、テンショ...
Published 16 Sep, 2019 | View: 176
こんにちは、Kaikoです。 前回、当たらなかった記事を書いていましたが、懲りずに ダメもとで2次抽選、申し込んでみたら・・・ なんと・・・当たりました!!!(*´▽`*)ノ♪ ...

General Notices

Kaiko Tutor Profile

Hello everyone! I am Kaiko. Thank you for visiting my profile!

I currently teach Japanese and programming to the Burmese workers at the IT company, which I am also working at as an office worker.

Besides, I work as a part-time announcer called Uguisu-joh around the local election period.(Do you know who Uguisu-johis?)

I used to teach Japanese on Skype for a year when I was working abroad. I kept this job after I came back to Japan, and…this year marks my fifth year of teaching Japanese. In my teaching career, I have taught N3 and N2 level students. I saw many of them struggling with their conversation skills even after they had spent some time living in Japan.

Seeing their struggles made me think that I should become a better teacher to help them improve their conversation skill. This is why I keep updating my teaching methods and knowledge.

Teaching Japanese has also influenced me as a Japanese citizen; the more I taught my students, the more I became aware of my own culture and language.

Would you like to study Japanese to pass the exams or to become able to have a smooth conversation with Japanese native speakers? Then, you are at the right place!

~Lesson applicable to N4 level or above students, and who are;

  • currently working in, or willing to work in Japan
  • planning on studying in Japan
  • preparing for Japanese languages exams such as NAT and JLPT
  • interested in learning Japanese culture
  • traveling to Japan for a sightseeing
  • excited for speaking Japanese!

~Lesson Content~(It gets more difficult as you go on the list below.)

  • Greetings, pronunciation, speaking, and intonation
  • Verbs, Postpositional particles
  • Idioms, Vocabulary, four-character idioms (Yojijukugo),
  • Nuances, so-called “reading the air”
  • Others: proofreading your writings for the assignments and reports, an anything you need help with!

~About myself~

  • I am a mother of a son, who is now in high school.
  • Playing basketball is my hobby; I practice two or three times a week, and I even have a certificate as a coach and a referee.
  • I enjoy learning how to wear kimono (kitsuke). I dream to become a qualified Kitsuke instructor someday.
  • I have two pet budgerigars. They are adorable!
  • I live in Chiba Prefecture. Have you heard of it? It is where Tokyo Disney Resort locates!

If you are interested in my lessons, please book my Trial & Counseling Lesson first. If you are not good at listening, I will type what I say in Skype chat box to help you understand. So, do not worry!

One last note: my English is just a daily-conversation level, so please try your hardest to communicate with me in Japanese. Thank you!

I am looking forward to helping you! See you soon♪

【 Cafetalk Translation / July 2019 】

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