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EIKEN Test in Practical English Proficiency Grade 1
TOEIC 930 Points
English Pronunciation Test 85 Points
Tourism English Proficiency Test Grade 2
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Profilo di Emi Mori

Hello, everyone! With no overseas study experience and no formal English education, I was able to get to level 1 of Eiken just by having fun studying with friends.

In the spring of 2013 I began teaching at a langugae school, where I was in charge of teaching English to both children and adults. Currently, I work as a part-time lecturer, teaching medical English at vocational schools, as well as doing short-term TOEIC lectures at national universtities.  

I am a holder of the TESOL teaching certificate, and I have thus far taught "Communicative English Conversation", "Hotel English", "Medical English", Eiken and TOEIC.

I'm very happy to have the opportunity to meet you all here on Cafetalk.

When I was single and had lots of time, I wasn't particularly interested in language study. My real studies began at the age of 28.

No time, no money. While involved in child-rearing, I studied mostly by way of the daily NHK language classes, watched movies or series as my supplementary materials and was able to improve my English output. In our lessons, I'd really like to introduce to you the materials which helped me with word power and expressions.

【Regarding webcams】
Please note that I will use web camera only when a students uses it.

〔Certification〕Eiken Level 1, TOEIC 930 points (full points for listening), Tourism Eiken Level 2, TESOL

〔motto〕Change language study into fun study. I coach not how to learn easily, but how to learn joyfully.

〔English Teaching Experience〕 From around 2007 I taught English Conversation and Eiken group lessons and private lessons at cafes and other public spaces like exhibition halls, then I began teaching at a language school. I've taught English conversations at vocational schools, and have worked as a temporary TOEIC teacher at national universities, under the organizaion of the students's societies.  I also have experience teaching priavtely online using Skype.

〔Teacher's Message To Everyone〕Even without overseas travel, you can reach level one of Eiekn and get over 900 points in TOEIC. If I was able to do it, then it is certainly a goal that anyone can achieve. Where there's a will, there's a way. I will support everyone in their English studies.


International Marriage Interpretation work, reception/banquet assitance

Once to P.E.I. in Canada. With a fellow teacher from my language school.

【 Cafetalk Translation / May 2020 】
Please note that this profile has been translated by Cafetalk for easier understanding. 


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  • Study English with DUO3.0: Nail your College Entrance Exam

    単語がなかなか覚えられない! 大丈夫。驚くほど単語と熟語が入ってくるレッスンです。30分の音読筋トレ、試してみませんか?
    Inglese   Skype lezioni   Libri - DUO3.0
    25min   1,500P
  • NHK CD audio "Marugoto Radio Eikaiwa"

    中級レベルから抜け出したい方に、特にオススメのレッスンです。コミュニケーションに役立つ様々なトピックをテーマに、発信の英語力を身につけましょう。1998年度に放送されたNHKラジオ英会話のテキストCDブックを使い、今ある表現力をさらにブラッシュアップ! (テキストの購入は不要)
    Inglese   Skype lezioni   Materiali originali
    40min   1,000P
    Lezioni di prova 15min   0P
  • Learn English through NHK's "Tappuri Radio Eikaiwa"

    Inglese   Skype lezioni   Materiali originali
    40min   1,500P
  • Let's talk in English

    毎日ほんの少しでも英語で話す時間をつくってみませんか? レッスン前のウォーミングアップとしてもお気軽にご活用ください。テキストは使用しません。
    Inglese   Skype lezioni  
    20min   700P
  • English for your spare time

    25分というすきま時間、英語学習に活かしてみませんか? 日常会話のフレーズを学んだり、英字新聞を読んでディスカッションしたり、英検クラスの復習をしたり、既存のクラスで取り扱っている以外の内容であれば、学習内容を自由にカスタマイズしていただけます。こちらは4回レッスンをセットにしてお届けしています。
    Inglese   Skype lezioni   Da concordare
    25min   3,000P
    Pack of 4 750P per lesson
  • でる順パス単 英検単語ディクテーション

    「単語学習トレーニングジム」へ、ようこそ。 聴いて書いて、読んで覚える学習で、英検合格を目指しましょう。 準2級から1級まで対応します。
    Inglese   Skype lezioni   Libri - でる順パス単(受験級のものを準備)
    25min   1,500P
  • 英検 ライティング

    ライティングに特化した Skype なしのレッスンです。課題に添って書いていただき、その「添削」をお送りします。
    Inglese   No Skype   Da concordare
    0min   2,000P
  • Let's aim to pass! Eiken Grade 3

    Inglese   Skype lezioni   Libri - Daily 2週間 英検3級 集中ゼミ
    40min   2,000P
    Lezioni di prova 15min   200P
  • Let's aim to pass! Eiken Grade Pre-2

    Inglese   Skype lezioni   Libri - Daily 20日間 英検準2級 集中ゼミ
    50min   2,200P
    Lezioni di prova 15min   200P
  • Let's aim to pass! Eiken Grade 2

    Inglese   Skype lezioni   Libri - Daily 20日間 英検2級 集中ゼミ
    50min   2,300P
    Lezioni di prova 15min   200P
  • Eiken Preparation - 40 min

    Inglese   Skype lezioni   Libri - Daily 25日間 英検準1級 集中ゼミ
    55min   2,500P
    Lezioni di prova 30min   300P
  • The path to pass Eiken Grade 1 ~Consultation~

    Inglese   Skype lezioni   Da concordare
    30min   1,000P
  • 英検「集中ゼミ」4回レッスンパック

    Inglese   Skype lezioni   Da concordare
    50min   10,000P
    Lezioni di prova 15min   0P Pack of 4 2,500P per lesson
  • 文法強化! Grammar in Use

    Grammar in Use (英語版)で文法を学びませんか? 独学では継続学習が難しい方にもオススメのクラスです。
    Inglese   Skype lezioni   Libri - Grammar in Use
    40min   2,000P
  • Prep for TOEIC - 40min

    Inglese   Skype lezioni   Libri - TOEIC公式問題集
    50min   2,500P
    Lezioni di prova 30min   300P
  • 25分で TOEIC 対策

    忙しくて、あまり時間がとれない! そんな方のための25分レッスンです。はじめてTOEICを受験される方から、900点を超えたい方まで、得意分野をさらに伸ばし、苦手分野を克服しながら学んでいただけます。
    Inglese   Skype lezioni   Da concordare
    25min   1,300P
  • 日本語で話そう!

    日本語でおしゃべりしましょう! 英語レッスンの事前カウンセリングとしても、ご利用いただけます。
    Giapponese   Skype lezioni   Da concordare
    20min   1,000P

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